Dear GFS pupils,
The house captains have organised two competitions for pupils to take part in.

Cake competition
The first is cake decorating. The theme is Christmas/winter and the house captains will judge them by design. The cakes have to be delivered to the breakout space on Friday 30th November by 9:00. You must clearly show your name, house and year on a piece of paper next to your cake.
Please remember that there must be no nuts or fresh cream in your cake!
There will be a winner from each house and they will get a small prize. In addition, there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners. If you come 1st you get 30 points given to your house, 2nd place wins 20 points and 3rd wins 10. Everyone who enters will be awarded 5 merits. All cakes will be sold at the Christmas fair the following day.

Motto competition
The second competition is to create a motto for your house. All entries will be displayed around the school and there will be a winner from each year group. Write your name, class and house clearly on it. Then the house captains will decide on a winner from each house. Everyone who enters will receive 3 merits. The deadline is the 14th December the overall winner will receive 10 merits for their houses and their entry will be shown in assembly. If you have completed your entry please give it to one of the house captains (or hand to the school office).

Yours sincerely,
The house captains

Harpenden: Grace G and Louis H
Townsend: Lucas H and Livia Z
Waverley: Sophie W and Jack L
Batchwood: Lily A and Reuben H