Who’s ready for the circus?! The Baby Big Top is up! Most of the children will have had the workshops today, with the others following tomorrow…..and then the professionals will show us how it’s done!

We have only a handful of tickets left for the final show at 6:15pm so if you’d like to join us, please email pta@gardenfields.herts.sch.uk asap.

No matter when your show is, come along and enjoy the whole afternoon. There will be hot dogs (£2 – with GF & Veggie options), refreshments, candy floss, popcorn to purchase – and we’ve ordered commemorative rock customised with ‘GFS Circus 2018’ (I don’t like sweet things but I’m unnaturally excited about this one!)

AND we have mini FERRIS WHEEL and TEA CUP rides (£2 per go) and there will be another amusement game – ‘ring the bell, get a prize’! Face paintingglitter tattoos, tight-rope walking – lots of things!

Our amazing Miss Wray has kindly organised GFS choir to sing at the end of each show and she will have been in touch with you about this if your child attends choir (they’ll sing at the end of whatever show they’re going to).

Weather is to be good (I’ve been watching the extended forecast since July – so sad) and we’re going to have such an amazing time! What a way to kick off a new school year! It’s all about making memories.

By the end of this afternoon, short volunteer slots will be up on PTAsocial so if you can spare time to help out on something, PLEASE do!! It’s a big event and we can’t run it without our rather special GFS family.

I have a spreadsheet with everyone’s ticket numbers listed but do please remember to bring yours as it will speed up the queue.

And if you haven’t yet joined our informal closed FB group, you can here! https://www.facebook.com/groups/296209680916758/

Really looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!