General Admissions Guidance

The Local Education Authority organises admission to Primary Schools. If your child is of preschool age you should receive a County Admissions Booklet in the Autumn term prior to the academic year in which your child starts school, informing you of the County’s Primary Schools Admissions Policy and the procedure for obtaining a place at your preferred school. You can complete the form online or return the paper form, which is in the booklet, expressing your preference. The LEA will later inform you where your child has been offered a place. Should you not be offered your first preference school you have the right to appeal. Details on how to make an appeal will accompany the letter stating which school your child has been offered.

If you are looking for a school place for your child and wish to speak with us then please contact the school office between 10am – 3pm, Monday to Friday – 01727 890440. Our virtual school tour can be accessed HERE. For children starting in September, school tours are normally held November through to January.

Before starting school, you and your child will be invited to spend a morning with us, meeting the Headteacher, class teacher, PTA and Governing Body representatives, and others associated with giving your child a good start to his/her education. Full details about admissions to Primary School can be found on the Herts Direct Website (follow the link on the right).

In Year Admissions

If you wish to apply to Garden Fields outside the normal transfer times (eg. if you have just moved into the area), you can make an application by following the links to In Year Admissions on the Herts Direct Website (see link on right). If you have any queries about this process, you can speak to someone in the Customer Service Centre on 0300 123 4043. If you wish to visit our school before making your In Year Admission application, please contact us directly and we can arrange for a school tour.

Useful links and documents

For full details of school admissions in Hertfordshire (including online applications), visit the Herts Direct Website.